INTERVIEW| Mariana Jungmann

Fresh off the Fashion Scout SS15 catwalk, Mariana Jungmann tells us about the inspirations behind her ethereal collection, how she found working with print and her love of London’s creative collaborations. From conception to completion, Jungmann’s vision came to life in a breath of fresh air, soft tailoring and oceanic-inspired colour palette.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the collection?

This collection was inspired by the woman that I design for. They are usually very strong women, and I started thinking about the paradox that a woman has; so we may be strong, but we may be very soft inside, although we can look very sexy and fierce, and made of steel. 

So I started thinking about this woman and I got to Yemanja, who is a goddess. She is one of the most powerful goddesses. She is the figure of the mother, so she’s quite protective. I took all of my colour palette from Yemanja - her colour is blue, so we have this baby blue. She is goddess of the sea so we went to the beach and got this sand white and green moss and we developed this shade of grey that’s exclusive for us and reminded me of the stones. 

Do you think fashion is important for making a woman become who she wants to be?

No, because I think that women already are what they want to be. Fashion is a way for her to show the world what she is.

Is print something you’ve worked with a lot of in your career?

No, actually I work with lace, and I started to obsess about how I could translate my lace in different ways. The print in this collection is done in three different ways. It came from an obsession. This is my first time taking print on, and I learnt a lot.

Did you collaborate with a lot of other creatives for this collection?

Yes, the accessories are from Jankele and they sent those pieces from New York. We got Crystal Cult to make some exclusive sunglasses, Phyllis from Face Lace did these amazing stickers. We had Ruth Heenan do the shoes, with a splash of water on the heel. Then there was jewellery. We’ve definitely been collaborating. 

This is one of the things that I love about London and love about fashion – if you have a good vision, then people join you and make something unbelievable. I was quite lucky to have Magdalena Marciniak as my stylist. She was able to transform my vision out of my head into reality. This wouldn’t look half as good without her.

How have you found showing with Fashion Scout?

I love it. Is there any other way to say it? I love it! I was so thrilled. I was on vacation in Brazil and got back to London the day before the deadline, so I did my application during the night just thought ‘let’s do this, let’s work’. I was thrilled to be selected and be offered a catwalk show in my very first season.

As for the future, do you have any plans for next season?

I do.

That you can tell us?

I think you should just wait for the unexpected.

By Isabella Silvers, Contributor, (@izzymks).
Photo by Elizabeth Hodson.