INTERVIEW| Michael Mok

Yesterday afternoon Fashion Scout caught up with Divisional Merchandise Manager of Hong Kong luxury retailer JOYCE, Michael Mok, to discuss the new talent showcased in London this season.

What shows are you looking forward to seeing on your first day at Fashion Scout?

I’m waiting for the Xiao Li catwalk right now. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the new Russian designers. No one in particular, but I am browsing around to see what’s the new talent this season.

What do you think of what you’ve seen so far?

Last season, Fashion Scout didn’t have the exhibition but this season you get to come back to it so it’s a lot easier for us to see the collections better here, rather than in Paris. In Paris we have a very tight schedule so in London you have a lot of time to see new talents, which London has a lot of.

Did you spot any trends you find interesting?

Sportswear is a trend that is still continuing this season. I like it, and a lot of women are using a lot of sporty elements to accessorise. Pleats are also a trend that is coming up.

What does it mean for JOYCE to support emerging designers?

For JOYCE we always support new designers no matter what kind of country or where they’re from. So every season we’re trying to bring new talent into the shop, to Hong Kong and China. The Chinese customer is our focus but we are also interested in new countries of fashion - Ukraine, Russia and even Brazil nowadays.

What sets London apart?

London is always a background for new designers because of the good schools and the energies that you have around. Worldwide there aren’t a lot of cities, apart from London and Tokyo, that have that kind of freedom and energy floating around. Paris and Milan feature more established brands. London has a lot of creativity. 

By Biju Belinky, (@bijubelinky).
Image by Kathryn Younger.