INTERVIEW| Zeynep Kartal

Following her SS15 showcase on the Fashion Scout Catwalk, we caught up with Zeynep Kartal to find about what inspired her collection and what she has planned for the future. 

Can you tell us about your design aesthetic?

My design aesthetic is very elegant. I design timeless cocktail dresses and evening wear. I want to empower women through my designs, I want them to find their own style and to feel confident in their appearance.

What are the inspirations behind your SS15 collection?

My SS15 collection ‘Efflorescene’ meaning ‘to flower out’ has been inspired by the classic British novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett ‘The Secret Garden.’ Burnett explores the healing power of the hidden rose garden within the novel and I wanted to illustrate that throughout my collection. I still wanted to keep to my signature style but wanted to use it as a canvas for discovering spring blooms.

What do you think of Fashion Scout as a platform for progression for designers?

I really love Fashion Scout! When I was started out in fashion, Fashion Scout were great and they helped to introduce my brand to a London audience which has been fantastic. I will never, ever leave! It is amazing, just absolutely amazing.

What are your plans for the future?

I have a showroom in Manchester on Kings Street which is very exciting and in the future we would love to move into London too. @e do have a boutique in Knightsbridge that are selling Zeynep Kartal at the moment so that is fantastic. Now we will start working on our next collection!

By Charlotte Muscat, (@CharlotteLM9).
Image by Kathryn Younger.