Paris Showroom | Spotlight on Texture

In the Fashion Scout showroom, designers are playing with textures to inject spice to classic shapes - the more playful the better. 

Chinese born, London based Lulu Liu is now in her fifth season. SS15's collection features weaving, slicing and tearing of fabrics to create layers and textures. 

What is this collection about?

This collection is inspired by English vintage toys and cars. A child’s toys are a very personal thing and bring back a lot of childhood memories. The colours of vintage toys are very English and transmit the culture. I also am obsessed with graphics so my prints are inspired by original and traditional writing –the woodblock type font- as opposed to computer-processed graphics. This season I have also used a lot of lines – not necessarily straight, they can be curved and so on – to shape the silhouettes. I love how the lines can be used to create a body shape and how this changes when reacting with the environment (the wind, the street).

Where do you get your fabrics and where do you produce your collections?

I get my fabrics from Korea and the UK and I produce my clothes in China and the UK. When I use silk it is 100% silk. I want to use very good quality fabrics that are soft and flexible. I want them to be very comfortable to wear.

Do you focus more on the texture of your collection or the prints.

Both. We develop the print and the shape of the collections at the same time. I give everything equal importance; shape, cut, texture, print and so on.


The amazingly talented Gyo Kim and Yuni Cho are the duo that form Gyo Yuni Kimchoe, SS15 prestigious Merit Award winners. Their debut collection is an outstanding show of cut, colour selection and playful textures. 

What is the story of this collection?

The statement of this collection is anti-war. Right now there are too many conflicts and wars in the world. We use a gardener as a metaphor of army soldiers. So the gardener will kill and remove the weeds like the soldiers will kill their enemies. However, our gardener will plant, grow and protect the weeds and our soldier will protect their enemy. This is why the collection is called “Weed, Gardener, Corps”. We have given military gears a twist with gardener looks.

Is the texture of your garments an important factor for your collections?

Yes, we give more emphasis on texture, silhouette and cut rather than prints.

Who do you design for?

Someone who has a very unique personality and who cares about the world.

If you could describe your brand in 3 words which ones would you use?

Sustainability (an eco-friendly new fashion but from a different perspective; care about the world’s social issues), Quirky and Fun 

The designers collections will be on display today and tomorrow in the Fashion Scout Paris Showroom, 23 Rue Du Roi De Sicile, 75004. Opening Hours: Monday 10.00 - 19.00, Tuesday 10.00 - 17.00.