SS15 PREVIEW| Mariana Jungmann

Beginning a career in law before falling into the world of fashion, Mariana Jungmann will be showcasing her SS15 collection on the Fashion Scout catwalk on Friday 12th September. Born in Goiania, Brazil, she moved to London in 2011 to start her studies at the London College of Fashion. Now graduated with a Masters from the same university, she uses her Brazilian roots and renaissance lace as the inspiration point to her signature aesthetic. In an interview with Fashion Scout, we talk to the designer of what we can expect to see from her upcoming SS15 offering.

Fashion Scout: Why did you decide to go into fashion?

Mariana Jungmann: My path to fashion wasn't a straight forward one. I went to law school first, where I had the time to learn a bit more about myself and what my passion really was. Law wasn't for me at all, but I always loved the way people express themselves with clothing. I find it brilliant how people's perceptions of others are affected by what they wear and how much you can boost someone's confidence just by creating this illusion that fashion creates. So, I decided to learn about this through fashion.

FS: You seem to take a lot of inspiration from lacework. What is it about it that you find so intriguing?

MJ: Lace has a very emotional meaning to me. As a child I used to spend a lot of time playing underneath my family's glass dining table and this table was usually covered in lace tablecloths. This lace “world” was my imaginary world and from it I've learnt to look at the real world from another perspective.

FS: What can we expect to see for SS15?

MJ: A lot of lace!


FS: What was the starting point of the collection?

MJ: I went to Brazil in the beginning of the year and there I went to a few different states. That got me thinking how women are so different from place to place, how full of paradoxes they are, how much their culture can affect them and how special each woman is in their own little way.

FS: And lastly, how does it feel to be showcasing your new collection with Fashion Scout?
MJ: I can't describe this feeling. I think as a woman, I am full of paradoxes myself. I feel super happy and proud, I feel challenged because I want to make it very special and at the same time I feel accomplished. It has been an amazing journey to make and showcase this collection and I hope everybody loves it as much as I do.

By Josh Walker, Editor, (@josh_walker_).
Videos, courtesy of Mariana Jungmann.