A brand focused on contemporary womenswear and known for their attention to sharp detail, clean lines and subtle manipulation of textures, London based Ming will be the first designer to take to the Fashion Scout catwalk next week. Having curated a strong aesthetic, wearable garments and clean cut pieces bring a fresh take to design season after season. In a preview of what we can expect to see for SS15, Ming talks what makes a strong aesthetic and showcasing with Fashion Scout. 

Fashion Scout: How would you describe the Ming aesthetic?

Ming: A mixture of clean silhouette and complex fabrications. 

FS: What’s the story behind your SS15 collection?

M: The collection is inspired by the novel "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro. From my interpretation, it is about daily lives and encounters, numerous incidents which occur and the inevitable, death. 

FS: How is this collection a progression from your past collections?

M: This collection is more minimalistic on the surface yet contains complex inner constructions.

FS: You seem to build a very streamlined aesthetic through pieces that have clean lines and silhouettes. What is it for you that makes a strong garment?

M: At this stage, I still think of myself as a story teller. My collections reflect my thoughts in different stages of life and I want them to be as honest as possible.

FS: How do you go about designing a collection? How does it start and progress to the final product?

M: I start by pulling inspiration from different sources of research, I then start sourcing fabrics, designing and sampling all at the same time because of limited time and then of course the collection is manufactured.  

FS: How does it feel to be showcasing with Fashion Scout again this season?

: I am looking forward to it very much! There are different ways of presenting a collection and I think live show/presentation is the best way for the story to come across.

By Josh Walker, Editor, (@josh_walker_).
Images, courtesy of Ming.