SS15 PREVIEW| Rohmir

Known for her traditional combination of both academia and fashion, Olga Roh joins Fashion Scout once again this season to reveal Rohmir's SS15 collection. Having established a status as a luxury ready to-wear designer she continues to speak passionately about her designs, delving into her inspirations and goals for this season. Last year's collection flourished in mottled prints, cowl drapes and heavy embellishments, whilst this year Rohmir is set to inject a touch of Scottish aesthetic in keeping with her signature pleats and sleek silhouettes. 

Fashion Scout: What is the most appealing aspect of the industry? 

Rohmir: The possibility to express a vision in a real life and with real people. The inborn right to be creative.

FS: Where does the primary inspiration come from for your collections?

R: We are inspired from everything and literally nothing: visuals, feelings, books, places, love for cultures, souvenirs from travels - this is what inspires creative minds as they can't live without realisation of their dreams. My recent collection is inspired by Scotland. A place in which I discovered just a year ago, where we bought a beautiful refugium for the family. We travelled a lot through the country and met people, we saw the way in which they wore their clothes.

FS: What is the main focus for this year's SS15 collection?

R: This Scottish inspired  collection would be not possible without tartan in some form... So I created my own family tartan- this will be seen on some dresses in the collection. Typical Rohmir cuts used with the Scottish fabrics. Tradition faces the fashion mirror.

FS: Will we see any elements from previous collections this season?

R: I like to work with tweeds and with this collection we really have to work with tweeds! The shapes of the dresses are still sleek Italian elegance. We will also see godets, silk wraps, signature Rohmir-pleats and some vibrant colours...

FS: What are the main fabrics used in this year's collection? 

R: Silk and tweed - we are in the summer season, so we'll forget the cashmere for a while!

FS: Can you describe your overall aesthetic in three words? 

R: Nonchalance, elegance, confidence

FS: What does it mean to you to be a part of Fashion Scout? 

R: It's an excellent professional platform for designers.

FS: What does the future hold for Rohmir? 

R: An expansion within the market.

Rohmir's SS15 collection will be hitting the Fashion Scout London catwalk at 7:30 tomorrow evening. Be sure to check back to the blog throughout the week to keep up to date with everything as it happens.

By Joanna McCutcheon, Contributor, (@JoannaMcc_).
Images, courtesy of Rohmir.