PARIS SHOWROOMS| Tailoring Trend

In the Fashion Scout Paris Showroom this season there are some exciting new tailoring ideas being presented by our talented designers.


A true European label, Schipper/Arques is formed by Dutch Boris Schipper and Spanish Tomas Pedrosa Arques. Cut and construction form the foundation for every collection, a strong basis for bold prints.

What is this collection about?

The prints come from a collaboration we did with Spanish artist Romulo Celdran, who has a gallery in New York. They are pencil drawings and we really like his work so we collaborated on this season. The theme of this collection is opium; using opium to escape the constructions of daily life and to not be caged. Our collections are always contradictory though so we have very structured pieces and draped ones.

What would you say are your brand values?

Wearability and multi-functionality.  For example the sweatshirt in our collection can be worn with a skirt and heels and be very fashionable and classy but it can also be worn with jeans and sports shoes and be very streetwear.

For what type of woman do you design?

Someone who is in touch with who she is. Who has no issues with herself.

You are based in Madrid right? Where do you produce your collections?

Yes we are based in Madrid. We mainly produce in Spain and in Belgium and some pieces in Shanghai.


Part of this seasons Ones To Watch, Chinese born Youjia Jin, graduated from the London College of Fashion with an MA in womenswear. Youjia's mixture of traditional tailored shapes and a love of pleating create an elegant silhouette. 

What have you worked on for your SS15 collection?

This is my graduate collection. Inspiration has been taken from muscled and anatomy. There are small details in the garments like for example one piece is half suit and half dress. I always focus on the shape and the quality of materials. I also think about functionality. For example this cocktail dress has a big pocket in which the wearer can put a few things and she won’t have to carry a bag with her. Also I don’t like layers so I like having two pieces of clothing in one; this garment is both a jumper and a suit together. I like putting different types of pieces together.

Where do you produce your collections?

In London and Paris and I source all my fabrics from Italy. I use very high quality fabrics, which sometimes I can only find in Italy. They are all 100% cashmere, 100% silk, or 100% cotton.

How would you describe your brand?

It is of high quality and all garments contain different details in every side of them. I want the wearer to look perfect from every angle.

The work of Schipper/Arques and Youjia Jin is on display in the Fashion Scout Paris Showroom along with 20 other exciting new design talents. You can view their work until the 30th September from 10am - 7pm daily (we close at 5pm on Tuesday 30th September), 23 Rue Du Roi De Sicile 75004.