Body Shop Fashion Scout AW15 Round-up!

The Bodyshop returned to Fashion Scout this season to prep and pamper both the models backstage and the guests in the exhibition space with their complimentary services which included a manicure station, a make-up stand, and the new addition of a Skincare Consultation stand.

Day 1 

We saw Fashion Scout's chief make-up artist Lan Nguyen Grealis create a look straight out of James Kelly's imagination to accompany the showing of his Merit Award winning collection. Using Bodyshop's Vitamin E Face Mist-from the skincare kit, Crazy Sexy Crimson lipstick and a green shadow-both from the Colour Crush Collection, Lan created a dewy-skinned, stained lip, smudged eyeshadow, morning after look.

Day 2

The schedule on the second day was packed with eight shows including the Ones To Watch presentation. We spoke with Lan Nguyen Grealis about how she created a singular make-up look that fit the brief of each of the three designers.

For Ones to Watch we wanted to go for a London feel but at the same time keep it to quite a luxury, modern finish. We went for beautiful skin, very groomed and created controlled highlights using powders and shimmers. The main accent which we used on the eyes was a graphic eyeliner under the eye, instead of just having it all black we broke it up. We had black undertones and then we used facelace in metallic along with a pale colour. We used lilacs, turquoise and pink pastel tones, the idea was that it worked against the skin tone of the models so for anyone who was dark skinned we used the opposite colour such as a yellow or bright turquoise. 

Day 3 

Fashion Scout ventured into the privacy of the Skin Consultation booth and spoke with  one of Bodyshop's skin experts about the benefits of having such a great, complimentary service available to guests during the abrasive cold of a February fashion week.

Day 4 

Ahead of the Dora Abodi show, we spoke to Lan Nguyen about what inspired the make-up look and the products used to bring the look to life.

"We were originally inspired by the horns created with the models hair which made us immediately think of fantasy but with a hint of Goth So the overall look I would say is fantasy Goth but with metallic eyes, we wanted to make it quite dark by using white porcelain skin but making the eyes black and glossy. With the lips we wanted to go with a natural shade which then makes the concept seem more realistic."

"We are using a black Body Shop eye shadow along with metallic Sugar Cubes to make it glimmer a little bit. When we started with the base we mixed foundation with the Illuminating Vitamin E Cream as this makes the skin more translucent so it’s not a heavy foundation and makes the skin look more porcelain and shiny. We are using gloss on the eyes in the key areas, these being the inner and outer eye corners, this brings out the element of the black and makes it look quite greasy. I would call this an irregular smoky eye as it is square and looks different on every model. 

Day 5

As Fashion Scout winds down after another successful season, we're already looking forward to hosting the Bodyshop's ever-popular stands during the next show season!