COLLECTION | Ashley Isham

This Autumn/Winter is going to be all about chunky knitwear, feathered fur and metallic leather according to Ashley Isham. Ashley returns to Fashion Scout with an astonishing new collection. The designer from Singapore sure knows how to put on a show by starting off with an oriental dance piece whilst guests were making their way to their seats.

The collection ensures you will be wrapped up this winter with multiple layers of wool and fur. The main colour palette used includes shades of navy, burgundy and dark purple; these colours came to life with the gold embellishment and the amazing headpieces that included long fringes over the models’ face. This added a sense of mysteriousness to the collection.

The overall shapes used in the collection were very fitted which celebrated a womans body in all of the right places; this was done with leather belts and draped fabric. The navy wool gave the collection a military look but turned fun and exciting with neon coloured pom poms and bells attached the models shoes.

Towards the end of the show we were given many night time looks which were classic, elegant and timeless. Theses pieces were beautiful as they included sequins and embellishment which caught the light as the models walked down the runway.

In conclusion I think the collection was really classic and fun with a hint of heritage. It was great to see how much Ashley can do due to how many different styled pieces we got to see in this great collection.