C.J. Yao kicked off her first show since graduating from Central St.Martins this afternoon at Freemasons Hall. Her collection was inspired by a dream she had back home in China, this dream consisted of everything around her being magnified and everyone had actually shrunk back to their childhood size. The collection was based on this dream which included a lot of oversized pieces linking back to the childhood element.

Think Bill & Ben meets Peter Pan with some added leather and faux fur hand warmers. The collection was very wool based and included a lot of panels on the coats. Block colours were also the main features from the show however a few panels of print, leather and PVC made appearances. The thick, layered colour palette is perfect for autumn and the pieces were styled with low belts, slit trousers and fur face pieces.

The outfits looked great bouncing down the runway with C.J’s shoes that are collaboration with Ecco. These shoes made the smart pieces in the collection look more casual which was an interesting contrast.

My favourite pieces from the collection were the cropped wool trench coats, which were layered on top of other pieces along with black leather gloves. I also loved the use of the massive oversized hoods that covered most of the models faces along with the synched waist dresses with the Ecco boots.

Overall I really enjoyed the collection and loved the pixie look the models were given by Label M and Body Shop. The show in fact did feel as if we were in Yao’s dream and the whole childhood link was really interesting. The audience got extremely excited when we saw she had in fact designed a kidswear outfit and we saw a young boy walking down the runway at the end of the show.