COLLECTION | Gyo Yuni Kimchoe

We were blown away this afternoon by the energetic and pumped up show from Gyo Yuni Kimchoe. This emerging label is formed of Gyo Kim from Central St.Martins and Yuni Choe from Ravensbourne. The twosome put on a spectacular show with an incredible ethical and sustainable collection to go with it.

Gyo Yuni Kimchoe were inspired by ‘the concept of travel into space and virtual worlds, combined with the Mongolian Shamans’, coming up with the show title ‘The Thanatos Expedition’. After witnessing the first look strut down the runway it was obvious space and astronauts were coming to mind during the design process, this is also probably because the model was wearing a space helmet. I also think the designers were influenced by Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel due to the tweed looks and long coat and trouser combinations.

As the show went on the looks got more and more exciting by adding fringes, fur and braids to the tweed pieces. This was the tribal theme slowly making appearances throughout the show; this made smart pieces from the collection look more rough, edgy and different. However we did get to see some outfits including faux leather panels that were a lot more sophisticated making the collection appeal to all kinds of audience members. The colour palette was mainly silver and black sparkly tweed but with pops of colour from the thick fringing used and the models bright smoky eyes.

The finale of the show consisted of ‘Black Skinhead’ by Kanye West blasting in the background along with all of the models in the amazing pieces sporting Gyo Yuni Kimchoe branded space beanies. I think it is safe to say the whole audience now want to take a trip to Space!