COLLECTION | Mariana Jungmann

We loved the Mariana Jungmann show earlier today at #FashionScoutAW15. Check this out!

London College of Fashion alumni Mariana Jungmann has made a triumphant return to her second season at Fashion Scout with her AW15 collection, Hypnagogia. Taking to the catwalk, Jungmann’s collection was everything we expected it to be and more. Putting a new twist on her signature Renaissance lace, Jungmann introduces an intricate stitching technique, creating a subtly textured, fluid aesthetic.

Jungmann explores the state of paralysis between sleep and wakefulness throughout her collection, conveying this sense through the juxtaposition of striking laser cut leathers with softer styled leather whilst simultaneously contrasting sharp tailored lines with soft billowing trapeze silhouettes. Rather inventively, Jungmann has devised a unique technique whereby she has created a reversed embossed effect on leather pieces throughout her collection, this method of ‘depressing’ the leather with soft textured imprints becomes representative of the status between a conscious and unconscious mind.

Jungmann applies tailored lines to feminine silhouettes throughout her AW15 collection offering a sense of androgyny in key pieces, whilst natural biodegradable materials, including cashmere, silk, lambskin and merino wool form the basis of her looks. Finally, a muted colour palette of teal, black and grey perfectly complement the collections soft, tactile aesthetic beautifully encompassing a feeling of hypnagogia.


Charlotte Muscat


Photography by Florian Schadauer

on Twitter @floriansdr