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Minju Kim

Minju Kims designs has already enjoyed huge success, winning prices and doing collaborations with big companies such as Disney. This collaboration is still vivid in the prints of the fabric used in todays show. Some of the prints looked like Disney characters but on closer inspection one could not define the print. The designer leaves you wanting to take a closer look and intrigues you.

This narrative of a fairytale land stays throughout other aspects of the pieces, from the colorful crowns wore on their heads. To the mix of light blues and bright reds on a off white base. To the character of the villain coming in with a sexy aesthetic, wearing a patterned balaclava and a black A-line skirt with knitted top. To top it of with an oversized cape, embellished with black and white beads.

J Moon

With this collection J Moon stays true to the love for shape and color. The usage of blues, reds, greys, greens, and yellow are done in an intricate way mixed with interesting cuts.

The fabrics used a give a casual feel yet with leather infused details. The original shapes of the garments though out the collection, that presents a whole range of jackts, skirts, dresses and tops make for a complete range.

Angel Chen

Angel’s collection today, as always is has a beautiful and captivating story behind it. Todays we saw forest creatures with fingers as branches, generals with a cape full of medallions, red riding hood and a bride with a lace head piece.

There where a mixture of texture, techniques and colours that were used and combined, from off whites to forest greens and bright yellows jackets with blue stripes.

A collection that takes you on a journey of colours and fantasy.

Kim Stevenson

The collection presented today by Kin Stevenson is very cohesive to her past collection. Where she used techniques from Native American cultures, jeans and cold reds.

In the past she has been very inspired by Native American cultures and has mirrored this by adding fringes to her design. This is still very present in the new collection and she has even incorporated it into hats.

Furthermore you could see glimpses of the new trend, skirt over pants. Yet it was all done with her signature aesthetics using fringes and jeans.



Carmen Procopiuc


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