EXHIBITION | Angel Chen Interview

Angel Chen is a young designer that graduated from CSM recently. Her young spirit shines through even in her designs. I caught up with her to see what she had to say about her collection on display.

FS: Hi Angel, could you pleas tell me more about the collection you have on exhibition here.

Angel Chen: It all started with her graduation collection at CSM where the narrative of the collection was that two girls went to Africa and when they met in Africa they fell in love and got married. These girls are time travellers and I mirrored this by using many different materials in my design, such as fishing line, metal, wool and cotton.

My friends and my surroundings inspire me, many of the models that have walked in my shows are my own friends and I have personally asked them to walk for me because I feel that they bring the character to life.

This collection is the new-born child of the girls who got married in Africa. Therefor I chose to have playful energetic, child like drawings as the print for the fabrics. To continue on the same narrative I chose nylon as my fabric because its strong, water prof and the coloured prints stand out.

FS: How has your experience been with Fashion Scout been?

AC: It’s my first time with Fashion Scout and I have had a great time. The support has been amazing and I have enjoyed the other designers’ work as well.


Carmen Procopiuc