INTERVIEW | Body Shop Skincare SOS

We all know how gruelling fashion week can be, and what better way to relax between the shows here at Fashion Scout than getting a complimentary beauty service at any three of the Bodyshop stands in the media hub.

The ever popular complimentary manicures and mini make-overs are back for another season, and this time with the added perk of a skin consultation stand which is proving more and more popular as the week goes on.

We caught up with Bodyshop's resident skin consultant here at Fashion Scout, Shannon Mongan, about what goes on in her skin consultancy booth.

What is it about skin care that excites you?

I know how it feels to have bad skin and insecurities about that, so it's nice to help people and make them feel more confident. These are such good products that aren't tested on animals so thats a massive bonus.

We've heard a lot of great things about some of the products in the SOS kit from Lan Nguyen Grealis, what makes each kit so special?

They're just brilliant, you can feel the difference straight away whereas normally products take a while to work-with these the difference is instant. You've got a couple of different kits hat cater for different skin types and each of them is really great and nourishing.

What can guests at Fashion Scout expect from a consult with you?

Obviously we'll ask lots of different questions depending on the person's skin and find out what's best for them and find out what they want and need and direct them to what's right. For example the Vitamin C kit is a range for radiance, so it's got a lot Vitamin C gives your skin a radiant glow naturally for a length of time.

A lot of people pass through Fashion Scout, is there a kit that you'd recommend for most skin types or people on the go?

Well the Vitamin E kit is for all skin types, and we also do a really good Aloe Vera Face kit which includes Aloe Skin Soother-this has no added fragrance or colours to it so I would always recommend that to anyone because it's so gentle and soothing to the skin. 

Is this the place to be for anyone going through a mid-fashion week slump?

yeah definitely, obviously it's quite cold weather at the moment so it's good to hydrate the skin, and a lot of people are very busy during fashion week, it's just very easy and quick to do.




Photography by @andrewrmoore