INTERVIEW | Designer James Kelly


Fashion Scout Merit Award winner James Kelly debuts his innovative, visually compelling AW15 collection. Eerie music flows from soft to dark, fabricating an unforgettable and dream like atmosphere as the lights upsurge. 

Following on from his mesmerising graduate collection, Kelly’s captivating designs tell an enchanting story of a strong woman having wandering all night in search of her lost love. 

Models ascend down the runway, murky eye makeup opposing the innocent shine of their faces and the hair in windswept curls.

Ambiguous foundations contour Kelly’s designs, while a focus on texture and distortion display a feminine ambiance. The innovative use of Mongolian lamb and satin soften the precision of the military greens and greys.

The ingenious use of undertones of cleaner, lighter colours lure Kelly’s audience through the enchanting story from darkness to dawn, cementing the collection’s myriad of dreamy elements.

An innovative exploration into the utilisation of outerwear as a shield from the natural elements; Kelly has taken a traditional garment, distorted it into something new, a form of survival, an ever evolving life form.

This exhilarating fantasy assemblage truly visualises Kelly’s integral inspirations; emotions and memories. It undeniably marks a commemorative moment in time on the young designers’ journey.

Kelly appeared overwhelmed with the response his collection received, thanking Fashion Scout for giving him the opportunity to step away from the constrictions of set tasks and stand on his own two feet as an independent designer. He now hopes to continue growing and becoming ever more successful within the fashion industry.

By Lily Gee, Sub Editor, @lilybethgee