INTERVIEW | Dora Abodi x Body Shop

We went backstage to see the behind the scenes make up looks for the Dora Abodi show. Head make up artist for Body Shop Lan talked us through the looks chosen for the show.

Hi Lang, what was the inspiration behind this look for the Dora Abodi show?

We were originally inspired by the horns created with the models hair which made us immediately think of fantasy but with a hint of Goth So the overall look I would say is fantasy Goth but with metallic eyes, we wanted to make it quite dark by using white porcelain skin but making the eyes black and glossy. With the lips we wanted to go with a natural shade which then makes the concept seem more realistic.

What are the main products that you are using?

We are using a black Body Shop eye shadow along with metallic Sugar Cubes to make it glimmer a little bit. When we started with the base we mixed foundation with the Illuminating Vitamin E Cream as this makes the skin more translucent so it’s not a heavy foundation and makes the skin look more porcelain and shiny. We are using gloss on the eyes in the key areas, these being the inner and outer eye corners, this brings out the element of the black and makes it look quite greasy. I would call this an irregular smoky eye as it is square and looks different on every model.

What is your favourite part of the look?

We have got lip piercings and diamonds on the models face which makes the eyes look really juicy, dirty, grubby but still beautiful at the same time.