INTERVIEW | GF Hawthorne

Every season the exhibition space at Fashion Scout is home to a select group of designers whose collections are available for view throughout the week. Part of the new crop this year are Kingston University graduates and identical twins Grace and Faith Hawthorne, better known as G.F. Hawthorne.

The pair's sports-luxe collection is inspired by "the exploration of Antarctica" and features classic sportswear silhouettes, with geometric prints that "reference angular ice structures" and rolling mountain-scapes. We caught up with Grace to find out a little bit more about G.F. Hawthorne.

How did you focus the inspiration for this collection?

Initially we started with the colour palette and we knew that we wanted it to be quite navy and about the exploration of antarctica and the coats and traditional dress which is how we started with the jackets-and then that turned into the idea of preserving the penguins in the liquid in some of the coats.

What made you want to exhibit at Fashion Scout this season?

We'd been to a show a few years ago and it seemed great. There are always so many young designers and we wanted to be a part of that diverse group of people so we applied.

What's your favourite thing about London Fashion Week?

I just love the energy and the different types of people you come across.

Who is the G.F. Hawthorne woman?

I don't think she's a specific type of person, some of our stuff is more sporty and then we've used silk for the more sophisticated looks. There's something for younger and older women so I will just say that I think she's pretty cool. She's just doesn't take herself too serious and loves to have fun!

What three fashion week survival tips would you give new designers hoping to exhibit next season?

Drink coffee, go to bed at 9pm and bring food!



Photography by @clairedavey