Designer Jinhee Moon recently launched her fresh London based womenswear label, J MOON, making her definitely One to Watch. Ever since Moon graduated from LCF in 2014 she has been making her mark in the world of fashion. Alongside being named as one of the Fashion Scout Ones to Watch Winners for AW15/16, she was selected as one of the 200 Best Emerging Talents by Vogue Italia. The BA Press Show in 2014 was responsible for her experimental garment design being noticed and to celebrate this she was named the winner of 'The Best Directional Use of Colour and Textile Award'.

Fashion Scout AW15 launched her highly anticipated collection of playful garments which have embraced the wonders of using juxtaposition of texture, colour and shape overall creating a unique aesthetic for her designs. Moon's use of blending frilled, sheer and woolen fabrics create an extravagant 3D effect demonstrating the fact there are just no limitations to the designers wondrous work. 

Post show, Jinhee Moon thanked Fashion Scout for the amazing opportunity to showcase her debut collection and was overwhelmed with the response and support she received. 

Q: Where did you draw your inspiration from for this collection?

A: My collection drew inspiration from JeJu, an Island in Korea, where female divers called Haenyeo explore the sea. The Haenyeo would dive, without oxygen masks on, to collect seafood from the bottom of the ocean. The clothing the divers wore was beautiful and used straight line cut techniques and embodied an overall simplistic design. I approached and played with their use of geometrics in my designs and added my own 3D aspect. In terms of the mix of colours I used, I drew inspiration from how the divers had a slight blurred vision underwater but could still see lots of beautiful bright colours. 

Q: What was the most exciting part of this whole process? From designing to actually showcasing your collection?

A: Every step, for me, was exciting due to the fact it was my debut collection. I found it amazing to see how my finished, wearable and 3D garments actually looked after they started from simple designs. 

Q: What are your plans for your next collection? 

A: (Laughs) Well, I have only just finished this one! However, I definitely will continue to mix fabrics and experiment with patchwork, similar to how I have worked previously. I will keep developing and testing new techniques until I discover new outcomes. 


By @melissapoulton