We caught up with Jamie Wei Huang in the aftermath of her AW15 Fashion Scout showcase to get the low-down on her latest collection..

Hello Jamie, can you tell us about the inspiration behind your AW15 collection and how you came to decide upon your chosen aesthetic?

This season my collection is called nymphomaniac, based on the movie, which tells the story of a girl who is a sex addict. Throughout this collection we have tried to convey the story through her surroundings and every look represents a different story, the principle of this collection is to tell about the hidden self. It explores desire and bravery and aims to encourage the notion of being different, realising who you are and being proud of it or alternatively facing it and trying to come to a compromise. We have used a lot of metaphors this season and used a lot of materials as a language to tell our story. I think the best collection is one that doesn't need a press release, one that uses its own language to tell a story, we chose very delicate materials to convey a sensitivity that we were trying to portray to our audience. There are a lot of contrasts throughout my collection some looks are very relaxing and others depict an alternative story.

How do you feel your AW15 collection has developed from your previous collections?

The main principle behind my collections have never changed. I have tried to bring out the individuals true self throughout this collection and what has stayed the same from previous seasons is the quality and tailor made aspect of our collections and how we treat what we do.

Finally, what do you think of Fashion Scout as a platform for progression?

Fashion Scout has been a really great platform for emerging, young designers. This is my third season and I think that Fashion Scout is getting better and better, I am really glad to be a part of it!

Charlotte Muscat