INTERVIEW | Label M x Jacob Birge

Amongst the chaos backstage getting ready for the Jacob Birge show, we spoke to Label M head stylist, Effie.

Hi Effie what was you main inspiration and concept behind the look?

If you have a look at the pieces from Jacob Birge’s collection you can see that there is a lot of wooden beading in it, I decided to take this element straight away and place it at the back of the head. Jacob wanted quite an androgynous feel around it so I went with a structured gel side parting but adding a feminine element with the strands at the front. This to me gives the hairstyle a great contrast.

So what products have you used for this look?

I have used Label M volume mousse whilst drying it and then our Hold and Gloss hairspray to give it a glossy look and strength to the whole look. That’s it, just two products!

What do you like about this look?

I like the fact that this look can be really commercial but I can also see a very self-assured woman walking down the catwalk with this hairstyle. You could also picture a twelve year old with this hairstyle also.