INTERVIEW | Mariana Jungmann

We caught up with Mariana Jungmann in the aftermath of her AW15 Fashion Scout catwalk to find out what has inspired her latest collection..

Hi Mariana, can you tell us about the inspiration behind your AW15 collection and what has inspired your aesthetic?

When I start designing a collection, I always think about the woman that I am designing for and she is full of paradoxical qualities. For me, one of the biggest paradox’s is the state of being awake and being asleep, so I found out the scientific term to describe the moment when wakefulness and sleep meet and its called hypnagogia. I had never heard of this term until about six months ago! I began studying it and discovered that this particular moment is filled with textures and feelings until you reach that moment of peace. I tried to represent that in my collection because my woman is very paradoxical, she is very strong, she is sharp but she is also delicate so I tried to put that all together. With this in mind, I played with masculine and feminine tailoring, combining wool with pinstripes and the delicate lace along with the leather blister to create my collection.

Can you tell us more about the leather ‘blister’ effect which you have created?

Yes, instead of embossing the leather we made it puff out, I’ve been working on it for a long time! The pattern created on the leather with this technique is my lace pattern.

How do you feel that your designs have developed since your last collection?

I think that this collection is more mature, just like the brand, the brand is maturing and developing so this is a reflection of that.

What do you think of Fashion Scout as a platform for progression?

Fashion Scout is great, it gives us great support. It is very good in that it gives new designers a space and a platform. I hope to come back next season!


Charlotte Muscat