ROUND UP | Label M

We want to say a massive thank you to our sponsor Label M for creating all of the amazing hairstyles for the runway. Here is what happened this week:

Day 1

On Friday we caught up backstage with Daniele De Angelis , head stylist for the James Kelly show about the key styles and kit for this season:

Hey Daniele tell us the theme behind the hairstyling …

It’s about the element of undone. An element of youth, everything deconstructed, loose plaits with a very dry finish to the hair. 

What’s your favourite product this season?

The Label M texturising Volume spray. It gives a dry texture to the hair , doesn’t leave it too sticky and an amazing texture. 

What’s your favourite hair to work on?

“shaved” *laughs*

Medium dense hair, easier to add detail , deconstructed and a lot of texture. 

What’s the concept behind James Kelly’s show?

James was about reflecting on the mood and concept of looking for love. The idea of a night out, looking for her lover all which leaves her hair looking ‘undone’ 

Thank you Daniele! 

Day 2

Then on Saturday we went backstage to see the looks for the Rohmir show being pieced together by Label M head stylist, Richard.

Hi Richard can you explain the concept and behind the hairstyles for todays show?

We have gone for a sixties theme with the bubble rise at the back. We have jelled a segment of the front in order to make it look like a black hairband to go with our theme.

What products have you used for this look?

We have used Label M hair gel for the front in order to create a black band effect, hairspray in order to hold everything together after a lot of volume prep.

What do you like best about the look?

I like how it is sixties but with a twist as we are making it look more textured than it would have originally. We have done this by using texturizing spray.

Day 3

Then on Sunday a Pam Hogg show is always an experience. From the clothes, hair and make-up, to the smallest accessory, everything is designed to create a dramatic impact. To accompany the showing of her autumn winter 2015 Label.M and Toni & Guy teamed up to create majestic bouffant hair-dos to match the doe-eyed make-up looks created by Lan Nguyen Grealis and her team.

The stylists achieved the retro hair styles through spraying sections of hair with Label.M's Texturising Volume Spray and Volume Mousse, then back-combing with a round paddle brush and finishing off with some trusty Hairspray.

Day 4

Amongst the chaos on Monday backstage getting ready for the Jacob Birge show, we spoke to Label M head stylist, Effie.

Hi Effie what was you main inspiration and concept behind the look?

If you have a look at the pieces from Jacob Birge’s collection you can see that there is a lot of wooden beading in it, I decided to take this element straight away and place it at the back of the head. Jacob wanted quite an androgynous feel around it so I went with a structured gel side parting but adding a feminine element with the strands at the front. This to me gives the hairstyle a great contrast.

So what products have you used for this look?

I have used Label M volume mousse whilst drying it and then our Hold and Gloss hairspray to give it a glossy look and strength to the whole look. That’s it, just two products!

What do you like about this look?

I like the fact that this look can be really commercial but I can also see a very self-assured woman walking down the catwalk with this hairstyle. You could also picture a twelve year old with this hairstyle also.

Thank you to the Toni and Guy and Label M team and head stylists for everything they have done this Fashion Week.