Backstage: Morning of Day 2

Today we decided to go backstage and hear more about the inspiration behind not only the designers creations but the Hair and Make Up Artists too.

Sabinna - SS16 “Home is where you’re not”

Head MUA for the Sabina show; Kelly talked about how the feminine collection and how she reflected this in the make up look. “The collection is very pretty, very feminine, and there are lots of dresses and flowers. So we are going for create a very beautiful girly look for the show. Using ginger blush to create rosy cheeks, and Super Volume mascara in blue to give them big bright eyes.”

Final touch-up before this model hits the catwalk!

Some of the products used by Body Shop to create the makeup for Sabinna's feminine looks.

Rohmir - SS16 “Cherry Blossom Dream”

We managed to quickly talk to designer Olga Roh and hear about her ‘Cherry Blossom Dream’. Her collection uses colours, “Orange, golden yellow, and blues, purples.” She incorporated items such as Gymboree jackets and obi belts synching waists on sleek evening dresses.

Judy Wu – SS16 “Feminine Strength”

This is Judy’s second season with fashion scout. She told our digital team of her use of “Jade greens, corals, whites, and black accents. Whilst imagining rock like planet surfaces for her print inspiration.” The make up team looked to mirror this futuristic influence with the use of “body shops white matte ‘Kajar’ eye pencil in the lower lash line and illuminating highlighter all of the face.”

On the left is Judy Wu steaming her collection with a Propress steamer

Judy Wu browsing her collection before dressing models.

Fashion Scout for London Fashion week runs from 18th - 22nd September 2015 at the Freemasons' Hall, WC2B 5AZ.

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Words: Paris Richardson 

Images: Maja Jankowska + Mary Germanou

Editor: Fiona Nicholls