Day 4: L'Amitie and C.J. Yao


Yesterday L’Amitie unveiled her debut show at in the Gallery. Her vision of the modern woman was articulated through a sea of slinky silkwear. The elegant designs consisted of split wide leg trousers, plunging “V” necks, pointed flats and nordic inspired make-up.

One of the hero pieces to be presented was a raw silk suit complete with oversized lapels and cuffs. The accessories consisted of elegant gold geometric arm bracelets and geode pendants and brooches.

The flowing designs appeared to be cut on the bias enabling the material to appear fluid. The use of muted pinks, greys, and black complimented the collection. Embellishments consisted of black and gold sequins. L’Amitie has enables to sexiness while also attending to the need for tailored pieces. 

C.J. Yao

Even before C.J. Yao had presented her first piece on the catwalk there was a lot of curiosity surrounding her very specific start time of 18:37.  The designer explained to Fashion Scout that the use of numbers '3,7,2 and 1’ held particular significance with the Chinese belief surrounding impulsiveness. 

The collection definitely captured that energetic spirit that C.J. aimed to create, she describes the garments as 'put on and go, sports chic' pieces. Even the catwalk was modified with vinyl decal to mimick a sprint track- with bold green race lines and starting blocks. 

This linear theme translated into the clothes too, with vertical and horizontal stripes on the shirts, trousers and skirts. Yao gave Sport luxe a futuristic update complete with bright colours, metallics, frayed denim, and graphics.

Fashion Scout for London Fashion Week runs from 18th-22nd 2015 at the Freemasons' Hall, WC2B 5AZ

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Writer: Paris Richardson

Images: Maja Jankowska and Oda Beide

Editor: Fiona Nicholls


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