Roberts|Wood : Digitalis

Roberts | Wood winner of the prestigious Merit Award, showcased her Spring Summer '16 collection this afternoon. Inspired by science and nature, her work displays elements of the unreal. The voluminous white designs seemed to float down the runway like clouds. Complete with honeycomb like white facemasks, most designs were simple in colour pallete but complex in their texture and geometric shape.

The use of ruffles and peplums caused differing depths to the ensemble, implying the feeling of hallucination. Her work is stimulated by the desire to be immersed in nature, and the struggle between fragility and connection.

Sheer fabric and cut outs revealed naked skin and white fishnets. This concept of the imagined was frequent throughout, especially when partnered with the ethereal and space like music.

Organza was not alone is its augmentation, monochrome leather mini skirts, crop tops and backpacks were also basket woven. 

The manipulation of fabrics has been a continued theme for Katie Roberts Wood, as last year she was awarded the accolade of “Collection of the Year” for her 2014 'Synch' collection.

Even the classic white button down shirt was given a makeover like no other, with 3D cotton stalagmites.

Champions of newly discovered talent, blogger Susie Lau, Italian Vogue and Martyn Roberts, were present to show their support from the front row.


We look forward to seeing her future collections, and forecast big things to come.

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Writer: Paris Richardson (@jemappelleparis

Photographer: Maja Jankowska (@babypolsky)

Editor: Fiona Nicholls (@fifinicholls)