The Swedish School of Textiles Part 2

Yesterday the talented BA and MA graduates from the Swedish School of Textiles showcased their debut collections. Presenting an array of styles, each individual designer showed both technical skill and aesthetic creativity.

Designer: Linus Broden

Linus Broden explored the body-fabric relationship through hand painted abstract prints with futuristic tribal undertones. The regal silhouettes paired a space age soundtrack gave the impression of a parade of other worldly royalty.

Designer: Jeanet Roerholts

Jeanet Roerholt's SS16 collection 'Smocked' representative of the collection title used smocking to show the possibilities gathered material. Her romantic gothic looks were finished with exposed stitching and shimmery metallics.

Designer: John-Daniels Isacsson

John-Danial Isacsson's 'Disruptive Mayhem' exhibited camouflage outerwear with exaggerated quilting. The oversized puffa jackets ranged from traditional khaki to a fiery neon orange.

Designer: Maria Eurenius

Maria Eurenius' voluptuous 'Inverted Dart' collection saw innovative silhouettes created by cutting and bonding soft, metallic fabrics and displacing them on the body.

Designer: Camilla Araburts

Camilla Araburt's 'Surface Print' explored the relationship between texture and bold monochrome graphic prints. Traditional checked fabrics were softened through shredded tassels and billowing check capes.

Designer: Emma Lindqvist

Emma Lindqvist's 'H(OO)D' presented a modern street wear collection using typography to display the notion that ''We express who we are by making our bodies readable''. Her oversized monochrome pieces were offset with neon orange accents.

Designer: Halla Hakonardottir

Halla Hakonardottir's 'The role of the Hole' used plastic boards and white and sheer, draped plastics to explore the relationship of clothes and the body. The models wore black bodystockings to emphasise the space between body and garment.

Designer: Saina Koohnavard

Saina Koohnavard's playful 'Made You Look' collection used sheets of semi sheer fabric overlayed with pattern sections to create an optical illusion. The multitude of layers created the illusion of translucent garments.

Designer: Daniel Bendzovski

Daniel Bendzovski's 'Trend Sandwich' exhibited a fusion of inspirations creating a sensory overload parodying the ever changing seasonal fashion trends.

Designer: Kairi Lentsius

Kairi Lentsius used laser cutting to create curved garments for her 'Cut In' collection. Her earthy colours gave a organic feel to her formal garments.

Designer: Sara Berg

Sara Berg's 'OMG(s)!' explored the spiritual potential of modern fashion creating a religion based around digital culture. Her emoji faced sequinned shrouds were paired with pop art white gloves.

Words : Elizabeth Renfrey (@erenfrey)

Images: Stefania Porcu (@stephaniaporcuphoto)

Editor: Fiona Nicholls (@fifinicholls)


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