The Swedish School of Textiles SS16 Graduate Collection Part 1

A cornucopia of talented designs, the Swedish School of Textiles show displayed the work of 20 talented graduates. Displaying technical skills with an imaginative aesthetic, these young students created collections showcasing their individual talents.

'Form fusing' by Louise Wanggren displayed a skilfully crafted collection demonstrating architecturally folded shapes in bold tones using a fusion technique.

Alva Johnson challenged the traditional conventions of fashion with her displaced garments in earthy tones draping off the models bodies. Her 'Bodydressed' collection used bodystockings to contrast with the undressed feel of her garments.

Moa Antonsson also used an undressed style for her 'Arranged Distortion' collection with muted toned garments suspended asymmetrically off the models shoulders giving a sultry distortion of modern workwear.

Collection number four was Sofie Larsson with her 'Contract Knit' collection displaying semi sheer knitted metallics with burnt orange accents. Floaty designs were overlaid over bodycon knitted black midi dresses.

Josefin Runquist's 'Change in Motion' exhibited graphic monochrome lines offset on flowing capes, with the standout piece being a monochrome bandau jumpsuit accompanied by a billowing polyethylene cape.

'Cut and Paste' by Emilia Elfik paraded beautiful applique over the top of soft, muted tones. The stiff folds in the fabric contrasted with the feminine embellishments.

Miriam Julin's 'Elastit' explored how elastic bands can work as a catalyst to define shape. The bands were places around the models waist, accentuating their curves by gathering folds of fabric.

'Crumbling/Distressed' by Tove Ulisaker used laser cutting and fraying to create innovative denim designs.  Candyfloss like frayed cotton on outerwear contrasted with a sharp cutout denim dress, creating a formal look on a naturally casual fabric.

Joel Prehn Anderson's 'Slashing' explored the relationship between the body and fabric through hand painted abstract prints over layers muted fabrics. Feminine belts compliment the gathered overcoats.

Words : Elizabeth Renfrey (@erenfrey)

Images: Stefania Porcu (@stefaniaporcuphoto)

Editor: Fiona Nicholls (@fifinicholls)