5 Key Beauty Trends for SS20

As we approach the end of Fashion Scout SS20 we are remembering the top beauty trends that have hit the catwalk or our presentation space, whether that’s neon eye shades, deconstructed eyeliner or naturally messy make-up.

All make-up for Fashion Scout SS20 was done by a talented team of makeup artists from Southampton Solent. We’ve spoken to the lead make-up artists, Maria Johansen, Lucy Murphy-Ackroyd, Lucy Ryan and Sharon Loyod (Course Director) about what’s hot in make-up this season.

Accented Eyelids

Eccentric and bold eye make-up was seen in many shows this season. From Pam Hogg’s lush pink to Simon Mo’s electric blue to light green from THISNORTHAT.

The make-up artists tell us about the colours they've used:

“Really, really bright bold colours, bright oranges and yellows. They all got a gloss over them so that they stand out even more. Also, a lot of blues and pinks”.


No Make-Up Make-Up

The natural look will probably never cease to exist on the runway. Bushy eyebrows, glowing skin and messy hair are a powerful combination for the ‘I didn’t try’ look. Illamasqua was Fashion Scout’s make-up partner this season, and here are some of the products that our make-up artists have been loving:

“The experimental pallet from Illamasqua works really well for us and it’s going to be really popular for people who like bright, shiny colours. Also, the Illamasqua hydra veil primer was invaluable for us and if anyone is to buy one key product from them this is it”.

20190913 20190913 I Love Four Seasons Front Row-2583.jpg

Deconstructed Eyeliner

Forget the simple, graceful black eyeliner that we try to achieve with a shaky hand. This season is all about broken lines that complete a modern look and bring the focus to the eyes. One of the make-up team’s favourite trends was graphic eyeliner.


Black Soul

Black eye shadow and head scarves are key this season, allowing you to combine a touch of colour with the pitch black shadow. Here is a piece of advice from the professionals, “It’s never anything you can’t do. Everything is possible. Experiment and play”.

Nici Eberl 20190914 Wen Pan Merit Awards Backstage-3296.jpg

Infinite Eyelashes 

If you’re not into make-up you might want to add some edge to your look with some extra long lashes. We are not talking about the extra long extensions, but about your own lashes styled a bit different, as seen in Wen Pan’s show.

Towards the end of our conversation the artists shared with us how working at Fashion Scout was for them:

“We’ve had a wide range of skin tones this season at Fashion Scout. It’s been amazing. To see such a wonderful range of models coming through, it’s been fantastic for us as artists”.

Group photo make up artists.jpg

Written by Calina Muresan

Photography by Deborah Smith, Nick Dibble and Nici Eberl

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