A-Jane is the eponymous brand created by Alice Jane, originates from Malaysia, studied new music composition at the University of Music Freiburg in Germany. After spending time immersing herself in abstract forms of art and learning to challenge mainstream norms, Alice moved toward design.  

Taking inspiration for her SS19 collection from the repetitious and abrasive 'neue musik', Alice seeks to create work under the influence of Adorno's aesthetic philosophy and the works of Søren Kierkegaard. Find out what the abstract designer will be exploring this season in our latest interview. 


What has inspired your Spring Summer 2019 collection?

My music. The concept of "Neue Musik" is abrasive, nearly inaudible, repetitious, and incomprehensible. I want to connect and apply this philosophical and controversial direction of art into my latest collection to become what I call "New Fashion".

I believe and I am consumed by Adorno's aesthetics of negation and the philosophy of repetition and there is no repetition from Søren Kierkegaard.


How do you stay inspired?

I detach myself from reality. For those moments when I am creating and imagining, I have to shut myself out from the rest of the world. I listen to contemporary music whenever I create, it opens my mind and keeps me focus on the direction.


What themes and concepts are you exploring this season?

A-JANE SS19 is a study of the aesthetics behind "repetition"; a journey taking us to "there is no repetition". This collection is called "Repetition?". It is about exploring conflicts between the norm and the new; to discover that there is no repetition even when it appears to be repeating since it keeps repeating itself in all possible ways. You may find various calculations in proportions that are practiced in the "no repetition" concept. SS19 Repetitions? is the play of volumes in space, clashing colours and strong modern art form, but still RTW.


Themes of sustainability, diversity and inclusivity are permeating the industry. What changes would you like to make through your work?

I want to use my creations to show that it is possible to be modern, elegant and stylish from a fashion point of view but still support sustainability through the careful selection of fabrics and materials.

In terms of diversity, I think my designs speak for themselves. My designs do not cater to certain demographic of people rather anyone male, female or neutral regardless of colour: as long as they connect with my designs. That's the point.


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What shall we look out for at your SS19 show?

The audiences should be curious, wondering what will they see next.

During the show, the crowd should look for questions that may not have answers. They should look for challenges. Repetitions where there are no repetitions.


Where do you hope to be next season?

For the next season, I want to step even closer to Haute Couture with my New Fashion.



Interview by Annabel Waterhouse-Biggins