The spring/summer 17 collection from Barrus demonstrated the atmosphere of class and femininity that one comes to expect from the Turkish brand, but with a refreshing twist found in contrasts.

Barrus’ collection invokes a style of design featuring a notion of beauty reminiscent of the classical feminine. This elegance was offset by the heavy beat music that filled the catwalk. The juxtaposition of silk, a pale palette and draping against the powerful sounds created a multifaceted collection with layers of meaning and therefore an air of authenticity.

Barrus’ show was a fusion of ancient and new, taking the subtleties of modesty and the self confident, modern, sexy woman of today, bringing together both identities to create one comprehensive style.

As previously seen in collections from Barrus, the intrinsically unique and ancient art of marbling was used, this time against soft, light greens, blue and a tonal shade of pale pink. One dress, with a skirt consisting of layers of blue ombre ruffles, an apricot coloured marbled top and delicate thin straps was the epitome of creative use of material.

Gold leaf embossed onto a couple of pieces, and glitter on the models faces are references to the work of Gustav Klimt, the symbolist painter and primary source of inspiration for Barrus this season. The shine elevates the pieces into a luxurious, powerful and enchanting compilation. 

Pieced together with a confidence that seamlessly combines elements from Barrus’ Anatolian heritage, and the careful manipulation of soft silhouettes, the collection is brought firmly in the modern era. Tulin Sahin, the Turkish International supermodel opened the show cementing the brand in Turkish history, culture and tradition. 

The collection tells of the evolution of the concept of ‘female’ over time by recognising history and the present as can be seen in the array of dresses. There were several heavily sequined, sharply tailored playsuits alongside delicate silks, featuring a dress for whatever occasion. 

Charming lighting and flower embellishments create an aura of fantasy and treasure that ensures the pieces create a poetic visual narrative. Nature echoes throughout the pieces, as seen in the prints, the curved shape of the jewellery, and the pretty, messy hairstyles, experienced by audience through an atmosphere of a dainty but powerful femininity.