After the resounding success of the AW18 Fashion Scout Masterclasses, we brought the intensive educational sessions back for SS19. Designed to help emerging creatives develop and nurture their design businesses, a team of experts from PR and branding to internationalisation and finance delivered a series of workshops and talks. We caught up with Cassey Gan, to hear more about her experience after the first talk of day one.

What did you think about THE FIRST talk ‘WHAT TO CONSIDER BEFORE GOING SOLO’ and how was it helpful to you?


I think that Jan’s talk was really, really useful. I’ve never attended a class like that, a lot of things that she said were really in-depth as well and it’s really good to put things into perspective for a new brand like myself. Also, the fashion calendar was so, so helpful because when I do my collections I always don’t know when it goes into show and when it’s selling when is the mark-down period for example, and also that was really helpful.


As a young designer or as a young design brand, what are you looking to learn?


I think definitely the business side because I’m stronger on the creative side and when it comes to business and finance planning for me, it’s a whole new thing. I wish that I knew more before I started my brand. Last season I did a presentation, so it was like a smaller collection but on Saturday it was a much larger collection and find that it was really good to be able to show a full range of clothing that I do and the response I feel, was really positive.


With the workshops today, if somebody was thinking about coming to one next year and they weren’t too sure, they were sitting on the fence, what would you say to them?


Don’t sit on the fence, just in that first talk I’ve learned so much, so, so much. So, join a Masterclass!