Cimone is the design house directed by creative Carli Pearson, previously of Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang, based in London.

Pearson’s autumn/winter 16 breakout collection played with proportion by exaggerating volume and shape, taking as its inspiration the Samurai armour on display in London’s V&A. Previously, embroidery and weaving techniques demonstrated this theme, but a deeper exploration in the spring/summer show manifested itself in structured leather and a challenging use of contrast.

Rap and pop, by female artists such as M.I.A and Lady Sovereign, provided a auditory backdrop rooted firmly in youth culture and modernity. The diversity of Pearson’s creative experience translates in a comprehensive collection that combines the purposeful use of colour with structured silhouettes to maintain a sense of artistic integrity.

There is a precision, honed by running their studio like an atelier, that refines designs throughout the creative process ending with the fundamentals of the pieces exuding quality and thoughtfulness. An uncompromising process consisting of raw experimentation and an awareness of timeless silhouettes results in minimal, subtle yet loud pieces.

Adaptation throughout the collection is notable in the manipulation of materials, where beading is loosely adhered to the inside of floaty, bouffant style dresses, so as to allow the beads to dance along with the rhythm of the models walk. This malleability means that as one's style evolves, the pieces remain an integral piece of the wearer’s wardrobe, as they reflect their context.

Creating sartorial pieces that transcend arbitrary trends is a speciality of the collections coming from Cimone, where an adolescent yet mature tone ensures the collection remains relevant for seasons to come.