Constanzia Yurashko Explores Moldovan Heritage

Yet another beautiful presentation was set up this afternoon at Fashion Scout SS20, this time by the Moldovan designer Constanzia Yurashko. Her first appearance at Fashion Scout was with a brilliant collection, strongly influenced by her cultural background and the black garments of the Victorian era.


“Living in a post-soviet society in the 90’s” says Constanzia “was particularly difficult fashion-wise, as there was little individuality in the designs. For this reason, I have chosen to create a brand that could celebrate every person in a different way, and highlight who they are as a character”.


This is her first collection that includes menswear pieces. The garments have semi-unisex features, and whilst the colours of the collection recall the minimalistic character of the designer, intricate ruffles and oversized pieces make every garment unique.


The brand uses 100% natural and organic fabrics. This season Constanzia opted for linen, wool and cotton as her main fabrics. 

As the crowd explored, a slow music created the ambience in the room, which Constanzia said “has no furniture, because I wanted my audience to focus on the beauty and on the complexity of the pieces”.


Friend of the designer, Olga Strelet was so inspired by the collection that she wanted to collaborate with Constanzia. Olga added to the presentation by creating her own art whilst it was happening.

As a final comment, Constanzia said “I hope everyone can see as much emotions in this presentation as I always put in my work, but overall I think this is an incredible opportunity and I am very pleased with the reactions I have seen in the audience”.


Written by Sara Liberati

Photography by Nick Dibble and Roshan Whittaker

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