Under the motto of “Clash Beauty”, designer Rira Sugawara stunned audiences with her Autumn/Winter collection for her label Dans La Vie on the runway show at The Fashion Scout. Staying true to her signature collage print, the designer combines coloured lizard print, sharp cutting lines and Swarovski gemstones to create dynamic and unique looks. 

After studying the history of art at the Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, Sugawara was able to gain practical experience as a print designer at a French atelier. This proved to be a pivotal point of her career, as her unique approach to printing and combining fabrics secured her a successful career in the fashion industry. Currently, the designer is the creative director of two original brands: Dans La Vie Rira Sugawara features fashion collections, Dans La Vie is a product line focusing on prints, furniture and space design.

As the first model walked down the runway at The Fashion Scout, audiences got exactly what they were hoping to see from Rira’s designs. Staying true to her print design background, the designer utilises mainly lizard print in her AW17 collection. The Swarovski gemstones, used to decoratively break up different prints, are a nice touch that showed an innovative twist to the designer’s creative process. 

Overall the show was divided into three distinct parts that seamlessly faded into one another. Starting off with a yellow colour palette, silhouettes are kept rather sleek and tight to the body. Rira combined the yellow lizard print garments with patches of green religiously inspired prints. Colourful eye make-up and wild hair went along with the exotic theme and showed audiences a different side to Dans La Vie. 

As the sound of excited violins, that accompanied the models walking the runway, slowly faded into the background, a harsh baseline emerged and with it the first model to open the second part of the runway show. Featuring a variety of grey high neck garments, the monotone lizard print of the fabric created a distinct contrast to the Swarovski and green printed pattern. 
The last part of the show included futuristic looks with shoulder-padded blazers and big ruffle skirts. Besides the eccentric silhouettes, a large colour palette, including neon green, pink and purple, helped to form a strong contrast to the rest of the garments and so empowered what the fashion label does best: The combination of luxury and kitsch.

In addition, this season, Rira has chosen Namalee Bolle (known as the queen of London’s pop fashion scene) to be the stylist of the show. This explosive combination ensured an amazing mix that exceeded audience’s expectations. 

Words by Gianluca Schappei

Photography by Nicholas Kristianson

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