The Vestibule showspace at Fashion Scout was overspilling with an excited audience for David Ferreira’s SS17 collection titled “I must be the reason for your erection”. The bold title has caused the room to buzz with anticipation. The lights fade to black as men’s groans echo through the elegant showspace, and the first third of a three part colour story (whites, brights, and blacks) ascends the runway.

The first part of the collection is the ‘Whites’. These were simple and casual pieces, including exaggerated peplum and tight fitted dresses, represent the hidden female desires under a pure exterior.

The music swiftly changed to a rendition of “You Don't Own Me” by Grace ft. G-Eazy and blues, oranges and golds adorn the models. Texture has been heavily experimented with for the ‘Brights’ part of the collection, with avariety including foils, lace, mesh and sequins.  The individuality of the garments demonstrates women embracing all of their desires and being unashamedly themselves.

The final instalment of the collection was presented to Kali Uchis blaring lyrics “What you want me for?” The use of leather and vinyl-like materials in the dark, structured garments symbolise women’s tire of struggling to fit in. The extreme structure and heavy beading seem to reflect how uncomfortable it is for women to constantly not being themselves. He says of his collection “it is about the idea of breaking free fromthe stereotypes and the norms that are forced upon us in many aspects of our lives. It’s about being able to not care if we fit - killing that little voice that makes us want to fit in”. It is as though the black clothes are a metaphor for the funeral of that little voice.

David Ferreira was inspired by women’s struggle with oppression and their sexual experiences throughout history. He believes that the inspiration he took from Eric Berkowitz ‘4000 Years of Judging Desire’ defined the tone of his collection. 

Photography: Nic Ford

Writing: Millie Collier