David Ferreira’s AW17 collection attributes its inspiration to the peculiar and unusual world of the circus, as his fascination with freak shows and sideshows reveals a mind that embraces a fantastical realm. As a Lisbon-based womenswear label, it skilfully unites traditional and modern aesthetics. For this collection in particular, the cult-film Freaks (1932), The Victorian Freak Show and the photographic works of Joel-Peter Witkin act as springboards into the depths of the distorted visions of the circus. However, Ferreira artfully expands beyond this image, and displays the splendour of individuality; to stand at the margins of society is to embrace the beauty of eccentricity.

To break with convention and to explore the liminal spaces of fashion is Ferreira’s unique talent; his arresting pieces play with the shape of women’s silhouettes, creating a visual melody that blends midnight blues, vivid pinks and chartruse yellows which shimmer gracefully on the flowing silk satin textures offset by straightened Mongolian lamb. Worn with confidence and elegance, the models’ vivacious make-up reflected the dramatic essence of performance art, reflecting the other-worldly inspiration of the collection. Ferreira’s celebration of the carnivalesque alongside the avant-garde echoes throughout his collection, creating desirable pieces that embody the spirit of an iconoclastic woman. 

Amongst the bold colours, structured forms played a large role in conveying the theatricality of Ferreira’s ‘Freakball’ concept; by pushing form and colour to their limits, Ferreira showcased a captivating collection which exemplifies the ideals of experimentation. At every turn, a sense of rebellion is placed at the foreground, reminding his audience that fearless subversion is the source of liberty.

Words by Aisha Diomande

Photography by Kathrin Werner 

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