Dubai Design & Fashion Council (DDFC) in partnership with Fad Institute of Luxury, Fashion & Style Dubai (Fad Dubai) to unveiled Egyptian label Three Fifty Nine by designer Marwa Sayed at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week today. The ‘DDFC x Fad Dubai fashion showcase’ initiative is responsible for sponsoring the participation of Emirati and UAE-based designers to showcase at Fashion Scout London and support regional talents.

“it’s amazing to be showcasing in London; of course, it’s a great opportunity and it’s my first international appearance and I’m crossing my fingers for the feedback. It’s an amazing feeling to be here.”

Marwa Sayed

The incredible collection was inspired by an art collection created by an Egyptian artist. “It’s not really about the art itself” says Sayed, “it’s more the thought and logic behind it. It’s about the long-time debate about whether graphically and digitally made art is actually an art or not. He printed it digitally and then he added water colours, ink and wire and still the debate is on: is this art? Because you have the ‘undo’ button so the artwork is ‘perfect’. Is this perfection? Where my motto as a brand is ‘perfection is overrated’ – it’s not about being perfect rather than striving for better and more.”

Photography by Catherine Baker

The inspiration is clear in the stunning collection, as lightweight fabrics were printed with beautiful floral artwork. Pops of colour were integrated within the pattern, which have also been used on the model’s makeup with bright eyeshadow and an illustration of the iconic flower was seen throughout the collection.

The model’s topknots were secured with wires and the sleek hair styling all reference back to Sayed’s artistic inspiration. The mostly neutral collection was contrasted with lime greens, mustards, blues and pinks that beautifully complimented the feminine silhouettes.

Words by Zoe Bennetts