Dumpty, an elusive youthful design brand, is the work of a post-90’s duo coming from Central St Martins, but originally from China. Low, atmospheric dance music rumbled over the audience, the audio setting a mysterious awareness of a show beginning.

White paint traverses through the collection, splattered onto black converses and liberally swept up the sides of wide leg trousers. The abstract expressionist movement is alluded towards with the application of paint in such a manner, with artistic practises emanating through the pieces.

Easter island esque faces peer from a sweater, the spooky logo of the Dumpty brand. It is a hand drawn motif that reacts with the inventive use of material to create a narrative of exploration, as “inner happiness” provided a primary source of inspiration for these pieces.

Unconventional models exhibited the spring/summer 17 collection, a diverse spectrum of people encapsulating modern life and a notion of inclusive creativity. When asked about the casting choices, Ethan of Dumpty explained “speaking of our brand name, Dumpty, the theme of our brand is humorous, I think we used some of our friends to be freestyle.”

Freestyling, pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes is a theme of this collection made from “materials from lots of different places, we have fabric from Turkey, Italy and also China. ”

An experimental attitude is expressed with raw denim edges, and the reconfiguration of classic shapes- neck holes adorn sleeves, and arms leave sleeves dangling, vacant. The beauty of the work at Dumpty is found in the element of natural movement and use of slow techniques, that aim to “convey our respect to humanism, our collection does not aim to please or occupy some high grounds of education.”