Dumpty, an elusive youthful design brand, is the work of a post-90’s duo coming from Central St Martins, originally from China. Thumping electronic beats rumbled over the audience, the audio setting a mysterious awareness of a show beginning.

Easter island esque faces peer from a sweater, the spooky logo of the Dumpty brand. It is a hand drawn motif that reacts with the inventive use of material to create a narrative of exploration, as “inner happiness” provided a primary source of inspiration for these pieces. Dumpty is the creation of four masked young creatives. 

A theme of appropriation of every day objects as accessories was evident in the car seat belt strap strewn across the hips of an orange. The brand set out to question the boundaries for silhouettes and textures, by drawing inspiration from the illustrations of crude surgeries from Richard Barnett's 'Crucial Interventions'. 

With a colour palette inspired by the colours of the glass containers used by 19th century surgeons. The models, with their hair swept off of their faces in a casual and natural way, wore very little to no make up at all, in an understated aesthetic. 'DUMPTY' was inscribed across each models forehead in jet black ink, encouraging the mystery that shrouds the brand. 

References to athletic wear, incited by the appearance of sports socks and mint green trainers created a sense of clothing made for a youthful wearer. Synthentic, coated fabrics gave a practical edge to the garments adorned with zips, pockets and Velcro straps, that would look firmly grounded at a large festival. 



Words by Zoe Bennetts and Annabel Waterhouse-Biggins

Photography by Lowri Linklater