Fashion Scout is pleased to announce that this year’s FAD competition winner, in collaboration with Missoni, is Amy Carter: a final-year student at Nottingham Trent.

Amy’s work was the creative pinnacle of over 120 entries from 40 UK universities, with 20 finalists revealing their inspired looks in the show, working from a brief: ‘Art, Design, Colour’, which asked students to take the Missoni approach. It was a very high quality collection of pieces in which many of the students did opt for knitwear based designs, but also played with the form, drawing on varied inspirations ranging from a number of European artists to brutalist architecture. Two runners up were also announced, who receive £500 each, as well as a SPEOS London Graduate Collection photoshoot. These were Sarah Carter, from Bath Spa University, and Sophie Whatling who studies at the Arts University Bournemouth. A special mention was also given to Zoe Alexandria Leach of the Manchester Fashion Institute.

Innovative and playful, like Missoni, Amy’s two pieces totally embraced knitwear and echoed the love of bold colour and distinctive pattern that Missoni has built its name around. Amy cited her inspiration as the “sounds of the knitting machines, which made the shapes, silhouettes and patterns” of her designs and said that she certainly didn’t expect to win, repeating her thanks to everyone involved in the project.

Jane Shepherdson CBE, judging panelist and fashion entrepreneur, detailed the reason behind the choice, saying “Amy’s was totally original, really good fun, and knitwear based which links in with Missoni’s heritage – we thought it was so clever: the puffer jacket was knitted and none of us had ever seen that before!”

Liz Griffiths, Head of Creative Textile and Design Research at Missoni said that “we found an all-rounder, which is what we were looking for: it was a collection finished. She mixed different patterns and knitted textures together, very well. The finishing, the styling and the way the clothes were put together were quite fantastic, and quite Missoni too”. FAD, which stands for Fashion Awareness Direct, is a charity which aims to “inspire, promote and support intelligent fashion design” and has been established now for 17 years. Maria Alvarez, FAD founder, spoke of her desire “to give opportunities to young people, to help them in their progression from academia to establishment in the fashion industry” adding “everything is worth it - to see all the students here tonight, it just makes me so happy and proud”.

The showcase may have been the end of this year’s FAD competition process, but is the start of a lot more to come from these burgeoning designers, many of whom will graduate this year and begin work on their own collections. Well done to all for a diverse, creative and colourful show.

Words by Luke Connolly

Photography by Ellouise Gray  

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