Fashion Scout South East Europe

Earlier this week, on Tuesday 28th March, Fashion Scout South East Europe launched during Belgrade Fashion Week. There were emerging designers from Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia showcasing their work, and the managing director of Fashion Scout International travelled to Belgrade to see it all happen. 

"Fashion Scout SEE is an exciting initiative that gives emerging designers from South East Europe a unique opportunity to interact with media and buyers at Fashion Scout London. It follows on the success of Fashion Scout Kiev, which introduced a whole generation of Ukranian talent to the international market.
The winner and runners up of Fashion Scout SEE showed great potential and indicate great promises for the designers from their perspective countries."
Martyn Roberts


Overall, thirteen innovative designers, from a cross section of the participating South Eastern European countries took part. From Slovenia, there was Ana Jelinic, Petja Zorec and Sarivalenci. From Macedonia, there was Ana Marija, Shaleva Couture and Victor Kaiser. Serbia had three more designers, Neo Design by Nevena Ivanovic, Ana Trosic Trajkovic and Lada Dragovic and from Croatia, there was Yuniku, Price on Request, and Klisab. 

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