Didn’t you hear? Fashion Scout has surpassed all that had previously gone before, showing the best of the best; ground breaking fashion pioneers.

This season we attracted industry giants, Sara Maino, Gemma Metheringham, Sarah Mower, and Jimmy Choo. We even had the pleasure of Preview’s current Guest Editor, Dominique Coujangco, joining our digital team for the day.  

People came together from all over the world for one reason, to witness creatives at the forefront of fashion. All of this season’s events had a buzz about them, a nervousness and excitement for what people are about to see. From showcases in the Vestibule, to catwalks in our Gallery space, once again we were overwhelmed with the quality of designers work that was on show. This season was truly an electric atmosphere that has helped to charge and kick-start many new careers. 

We would like to take this moment to say thank you to all that contributed to another outstanding successful season. From the backstage crew to the Fashion Scout core team and of course our generous sponsors, who continue to help us in supporting the freshest fashion talent.

With all that in mind, we thought you may want live through it all again! So be sure to check out our brand new video and relive every moment from SS17, our most pioneering season yet!