Fashion Scout SS20 Hair Highlights

We saw a radical change in model’s looks from those of previous seasons. Previously designers have focused on volume, whilst last night’s final show saw a catwalk full of straightened hair.

Fashion Scout’s Merit Award catwalk show opened the second day with Wen Pan, who, with the help of Tony & Guy, sent out a series of backcombed hairstyles and slicked-back looks, resulting in a shabby but natural look.


Backstage, hair stylists and makeup artists were busy getting models ready for another hectic day. Efi Davies, head of the Tony & Guy team, gave us an insight into the main trends that have predominated collections so far. 

“A recurring trend is definitely the understated, beautiful ponytail. This year we have been asked to reinterpret this. It is not the classical and commercial ponytail, but instead it has more of an edgy look to it, and it’s a lot younger.”

20190913 20190913 I Love Four Seasons Front Row-2593.jpg

The wet look with a polished finish is very popular. Hairstyles have progressed we have seen an evolution towards hair that has attitude thanks to the use of wax, gel and water.

“Another important trend is that of gorgeous rolls running through the hair. We’re not giving hair too much volume this season, because there was a lot of emphasis on the individuality of the models and on celebrating their beauty.”

MALAN BRETON by Deborah Iona 14 _.jpg
MALAN BRETON by Deborah Iona 37 _.jpg
SHOPYTE by Deborah Iona 17 _.jpg

Written by Sara Liberati

Photography by Nick Dibble, Deborah Smith

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