Innovation and Drama at SS20 Ones To Watch

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Serbian brand Gala Borovic opened the Ones To Watch Award Catwalk with a unique collection that featured sequin inserts, 3D printing and a melange of colours. The collection, which was inspired by “The Base”, a private art studio opened in 2015, presented a series of abstract patterns to mirror the creative process of the designer, who likes to use bizarre and unpredictable forms and transforms them into concepts and then into garments.

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Studio Adaptive Skins followed with a collection of architecturally inspired pieces that were created as a take on responsive materials. Based in the Netherlands, where the designer Jef Montes graduated in 2012 from the ArtEZinstitute of the arts Arnhem, the brand focuses on sensitizing the audience on issues of climate change by creating an experience of body, light, energy, areas, acoustics and climate. 

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Then came Vincent Lapp’s AV. He presented a range of innovative shapes, with unconventional and thought-provoking designs that revealed the brand’s mission to call to issues of modern society. 

IA London closed the show by sending models down the catwalk dressed in dramatic garments, some having their eyes covered in feathered eye masks, others with their mouths  covered by a muzzle.

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The front row’s AnneMarie Roggow and Camille Sanchez told us that they were “incredibly impressed” by the shows, and that IA London “left everyone gobsmacked and amazed by the incredible creativity”.

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Written by Sara Liberati

Photography by Nick Dibble, Deborah Smith and Nici Eberl

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