Francesco Rasola is a self-taught Italian designer, having chosen not to pursue a formal education, instead preferring to learn by working in various studios with influential creatives. After gaining this experience, Francesco debuted in 2014 with the launch of Next/Stop at the Brini showroom in Florence. Set to showcase his spring / summer collection at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week on Friday 15th September, we spoke with the designer to hear about his past inspirations, current collection and future plans. 


Firstly, how did you get into design?

The designer is innate. Already many years ago, when I was a child, I used recycled materials to assemble miniature models of various shapes.

For this reason, I have continued to cultivate this passion and graduated in graphic design. Immediately after graduation, I started working in the fashion world for large companies in Italy. Just in the workplace I got the confirmation that the design would be my job as well as a passion.

How do you feel about showing with Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week?

I am proud and excited, because for me it is a great opportunity. A dream come true. I have already presented my first collection with Fashion Scout in Kiev, and now the second in London, what else to add ... it's amazing !!

I have always appreciated the work of Martyn Roberts and all the staff, so I'm really honoured.

What’s your main inspiration for this season? Is there something you're looking to communicate through your collection?

Everything started with a brief input whileI was listening the Radiohead song, which is called 2 + 2 = 5.

I realized that it was the title that should have my collection, because it is exactly the concept of 2 + 2 = 5 that I want to communicate. A theory to deny what is otherwise evident.

Moreover, this theory also emphasizes the importance of individual thinking, which is not influenced by the mass. Only exhilarating the prophetic thought, so far away from the mass, that one can get something unique and creative.

Who has ever said that 2 + 2 is really 4?

Do you think the fashion industry is changing at the moment?

Absolutely yes! The fashion industry is constantly changing, also influenced by the development of new forms of sales and new phenomena. 

For these reason I’m constantly working on application of new technologies to sales and communication. In fact, the latest project I'm working on is a completely virtual boutique, but that brings the customer into a real world similar to reality.

How do you think that London Fashion Week is different to other's around the world?

I love London, in fact I come to London at least twice a year. It is full of incitements, which influences my creation and my way of being.

However, it's my first time I'm taking part in the LFW, and I'm very excited about the idea. It's a fantastic thing to show my "world" in the LFW frame. I expect a lot of unique emotions, which only this city can give me. Not to mention the fantastic people in London.

I think that's just the magnitude of magic that differentiates LFW from other FW, as well as its unique, almost real style.

What do you hope for in the future?

I hope Francesco Rasola can become a brand, known all over the world. I hope also, to be able to continue to surprise and excite people via my collections. Fashion, for me is also a way to express myself, for this I want to contend to grow as a designer. And why not, open a showroom soon in London.



Words by Annabel Waterhouse-Biggins