FREYA is the first in a new line of sustainable, natural alcoholic beverages from Pure Wild Spirits Ltd. The foraged birch sap comes the wild untamed depths of Northern European Forests, where this special elixir is harvested once a year during early spring, FREYA is made from only the most sustainable methods. 

The innovative spirit brand provided the guests at Fashion Scout SS18 with delicious cocktails. Not only was the bar at the front of Freemasons' Hall ready to greet guests, Freya sponsored the Billie Jacobina's party like presentation, complete with balloons and glitter. 

The stage displayed pink and silver balloons spelling out ‘Billie’s Bakery’, with confetti and more balloons to complete the electric atmosphere. With photographers up at the front of the stage and with the room packed full, the models began walking through the crowd, offering a closer look at the clothes and accessories. The cocktails from Freya ensured that guests viewed the showcase with the party spirit in mind. 

Fashion Scout would like to thank Freya for their presence at the event and for introducing a sustainable and tasteful drink to our guests.