Get To Know Merit Award Winner Wen Pan

We’re thrilled that London-based Chinese designer Wen Pan is the winner of the Fashion Scout Merit Award, but who exactly is Wen Pan? Fashion Scout’s digital editor Megan Doyle met up with the designer to find out more about her brand, her SS20 collection and plans for the future.


Megan Doyle: Hi Wen! Firstly, congratulations on winning the SS20 Merit Award! What does it mean to you to be the winner this season?

Wen Pan: Thank you! I am very grateful of being the Fashion Scout Merit Award Winner! I am happy to have the chance to show the SS20 collection during LFW, I’m really looking forward to it! I look forward to continually sharing my point of view about femininity: a delicate balance between prettiness and roughness.

MD: What lead you to launch your own brand and why did you decide to base yourself in London?

WP: I decided to launch my own brand as I wanted to share my personal point of view and tell a story in my own way. I decided to base my brand in London because I find in the city a deep source of inspiration. I am always inspired by surroundings. The road between my studio in Dalston and my home is full of surprise and inspirations. The city encourages me to think about fashion bravely, but because I’m from China, I have an oriental taste deep inside. The combination of these two really shapes my own aesthetics.

MD I understand you previously worked at Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen and Uma Wang. What did you learn about design and running a business from them?

WP: I was really lucky to work at these renowned fashion houses. I appreciate every day working with these talented designers, which opened my eyes to details that can bring garments power and life.


MD: Where do you source your materials and manufacture your collections?

WP: The fabrics are sourced from Italy and Japan. The production is done in the UK. We design, produce and ship from London.


MD: What inspired your SS20 collection and where do generally source your inspiration from?

WP: I always start from a trace in surroundings. This trace can indicate a mood, a scene, or a story. I research deeply on what behind it, from which, I decide silhouettes, fabrics, techniques etc. Also I do a lot of fitting and draping, as I am always fascinated by how garments move on the body physically, and how traces can be left on these garments. I interpret these traces to create a whole image.

The inspiration for SS20 collection is human trace in abandoned family houses in Shanghai. From the ripped floral wallpapers to the cozy bedrooms. I can feel a sentimental presence of the past, a subtle resistance to the ruined surroundings and the cruel reality.

aw19 look10-1.jpg

MD: What do you want to contribute to the fashion industry with your brand?

WP: We have our style and approaches. We want to provide an alternative option lying between grunge and oriental aesthetics. I always want to make clothes that people can interpret with their own lives. I make semi-deconstructed pieces that allow the wearer to infuse garments with their own movements and experience; every piece will be personally connected with the wearer. I am excited to see more and more people find themselves relaxed, pretty and cool in our garments.


MD: What is your plan for the next year for your business?

WP: I plan to keep my own pace and take this journey in a relaxed way. In near future, we hope produce products in wider categories, especially interiors, in order to build an overall aesthetic system. We also seek for any chances to collaborate with artists.

You can catch the Fashion Scout Merit Award show on Saturday the 14th of September! For more information, contact Nicola Hitchens at