This year, Fashion Scout was very pleased to have Gold Collagen backstage and front of house, keeping the skin and energy levels of models, influencers, and photographers alike in perfect condition. 

We asked the digital team what they thought of Gold Collagen's beauty drinks, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. One photographer said that they were surprised something that was good for your skin, could taste this good too. If your skincare routine is getting a little tired, especially in the cold weather, and no amount of moisturiser or extra attention in terms of outside products seems to be making a difference, why not give Gold Collagen a try?


"I love the little glass bottles, and the fact that I know I'm doing something good for my skin beyond the average"

Laura Cawdron, Digital Writer


Fashion Scout would like to thank Gold Collagen for their support this season, and for providing bursts of energy throughout the show schedule- as well as the prolonged improvement in our skin!

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